Japanese Calligraphic work as a gift!

You can buy a Japanese Calligraphic work as a gift or souvenir at Nishi-Azabu Shodo Studio. Or you can order an original one just for you. Each piece of work comes with a very nice frame.


『温故知新』"Onko Chishin" which means "Learn from the history, and obtain the wisdom for tomorrow." written in seal-engraving style.

Wooden frame made in Japan. Size: 42cm×39cm×2.8cm. 


↓Japanese fabric, color beige.


↓Japanese fabric, color gray.


↓論語『楽しむことこそ最高の境地』"Tanoshimu kotokoso saikouno kyouchi" which means "Enjoying things is the best state of mind." written in Japanese Kana.

Size: 42cm×39cm×2.8cm.


↓very nice wooden frame made in Japan.


↓禅語『桃花笑春風(とうかしゅんぷうにえむ)』"Touka shumpuu ni emu." which means "Peach flowers are smiling in the spring wind." from Zen.


↓『ありのまま(儘)に今を輝く』"Arino mamani imawo kagayaku" which means "Live in the present."

Size: 42.5cm×40cm×2.2cm.


↓Very nice wooden frame made in Japan. Dark brown.


↓Japanese fabric, color gray with yellow paper makes it sharp.


↓Same words as the above『ありのまま(儘)に今を輝く』but different frame and color of Japanese paper.

Size: 42cm×39cm×2.8cm.


↓Very nice wooden brown frame made in Japan.


↓Japanese fabric, color beige with pink paper makes it pretty.


The real one is much better than it looks on the photos.

If you would like to see the works at Nishi-Azabu Shodo studio, you need to make a reservation from here or give us a call to 03-3486-8301.


If you want to check more Japanese Calligraphic works for your reference, please visit our online shop.


Thank you,


Seisen Furukawa / Head of Nishi-Azabu Shodo Studio




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